My Cutlist

Splicer_Proj Web Element_edited-2RECENT WORK / REELS

Divorce Court – (Season 22): Editor

Injustice with Nancy Grace – (Season 2): Editor

Your Worst Nightmare – (Season 6): Editor

CBS Whistleblower – (Season 2): Editor

Lauren Lake’s Paternity Court – (Season 6 & 7): Editor

Couples Court with the Cutlers- (Season 2 & 3): Editor

Whistleblower Sizzle Reel: Editor

Sing Like A Star – (Season 1): Producer/Editor

I Married a Murderer: Producer/Editor

Mysteries of the Unexplained: Producer/Editor

It Takes a Killer – (Season 1): Producer/Editor

Corrupt Crimes – (Season 2): Producer/Editor

Flip My Food – (Season 1 & 2): Producer/Editor

NBC Dateline – “The Real Blacklist”: Editor

NBC Dateline – “Secrets In The Mist”: Editor

Judge Alex – (Season 8 & 9): Editor

Divorce Court – (Season 13-16): Editor

NBC “Nightly News”: Editor

NBC “The Today Show”: Editor

NBC Dateline – “Remembering Whitney”: Editor

NBC Dateline – “Who Killed The Radio Star?”: Editor

Sick Office, Expiration Dating, Dirty Girls (Girl Slobs) – (Sizzle Reels for ITV Studios)

Umphrey’s McGee Concert (for Fankix): Editor

Film Cannisters


(Campaign content includes: B-Roll, Sound Bite & Clip selections, EPK Assembly, Featurettes, NCM Trailers, Vignettes, TV Spots, Added Value, Digital Content, Sizzle Reels, Glamour Reels or “Look how great we did reels” and much more).

The Amazing Spider-Man – (Sizzle Reels)

The Smurfs – (EPK Campaign/Starz On The Set/Sizzle Reels)

The Green Hornet– (EPK Campaign/Sizzle Reels)

Eat Pray Love – (EPK Campaign/NCM Trailer)

The Other Guys – (EPK Campaign)

Grown Ups – (EPK Campaign/Vignettes)

The Karate Kid – (NCM Trailer)

The Bounty Hunter – (Vignettes)

Did You Hear About The Morgans? – (EPK Campaign)

2012 – (Film Vignette for ET and Worldwide Distribution)

Zombieland – (EPK Campaign)

Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs – (Character Vignettes for Best Buy)

District 9 – (EPK Campaign / Internet Viral PSAs)

The Year One – (EPK Campaign)

Harold Ramis Tribute Reel

Sony Pictures Entertainment – Roadshow Reel 2009

Mall Cop – (EPK Campaign / Featurette / Press Junket Olympics Reel / NASCAR Segway Reel)

HAVOC – (TV Pilot / Trailer (Independent Production)

Quantum Of Solace – (EPK Campaign / Announcement Sizzle Reel / Coke Event

Reel / Premiere Sizzle Reel)

Step Brothers – (EPK Campaign / Internet Viral Videos)

Vantage Point– (EPK Campaign / International BTS Special)

The Water Horse – (Sinead O’Connor Music Video for Internet)

Superbad – (BTS Special for DVD)

Talladega Nights – (EPK Campaign / Publicist’s Pen Reel)

Stranger Than Fiction – (Reel for Internet)

RV – (EPK Campaign)

Pink Panther – (EPK Campaign / Vignettes)

Memoirs Of A Geisha – (EPK Campaign / Publicity Reel / Costume Featurette)

Spider-Man 3 – (International Feature for Long Lead Press Tour / EPK Campaign / NCM Trailer / Comcast Featurettes / Mobile Content Featurettes)

Fun With Dick & Jane – (EPK Campaign)

Click – (EPK Campaign)

All The King’s Men – (EPK Campaign)

Across The Universe – (EPK Campaign / Glamour Reel / Rehearsal Webisodes)

Bewitched – (EPK Campaign)

Guess Who – (EPK Campaign)

Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo – (EPK Campaign, Sweepstakes Contest)

The Grudge – (EPK Campaign)

Little Black Book – (EPK Campaign)

Spider-Man 2 – (International Feature for Long Lead Press Tour / EPK Campaign / Vignettes)

Peter Pan – (EPK Campaign) Sony Pictures International

First Fifty Dates – (EPK Campaign)

Mona Lisa Smile – (EPK Campaign)

The Missing – (EPK Campaign)

Gigli – (EPK Campaign)

S.W.A.T. – (EPK Campaign)

Hollywood Homicide – (EPK Campaign)

Anger Management – (EPK Campaign / BTS Special)

Spider-Man (Feature Film)  (Associate Picture Editor)

Spider-Man 1 HBO First Look (Director/Editor)

Spider-Man 1 (Internet “Behind The Web” Trailer) (Director/Editor)

Spider-Man 1 – Technical News Wrap (Director/Editor)

Spider-Man 2 – Technical News Wrap (Director/Editor)

Spider-Man 3 – Technical News Wrap (Director/Editor)

2 Lovers (Independent Feature Film) Michael Kirk Productions (Music Score)

Men In Black II (Technical News Wrap) (Director/Editor)

The Panic Room (HBO First Look) (Producer/Director/Editor)

Silver Cattle (Independent Film) Steven Stone Productions (Picture Editor)

The One – Sizzle Reel (Producer/Director/Editor)

Final Fantasy – Sizzle Reel (Producer/Director/Editor)

Ghost Of Mars – HBO First Look (Writer/Producer)

Vertical Limit – HBO First Look (Writer/Director/Editor)

Vertical Limit – Documentary (Editor)

The Patriot – Internet Trailer (Producer/Director/Editor)

The Patriot – Technical News Wrap (Producer/Director/Editor)

Stuart Little – Sizzle Reel (Producer/Director/Editor)

Girlfight – HBO First Look (Writer/Producer)

Timecode – HBO First Look (Writer/Producer/Editor)

Timecode – Featurette (Writer/Producer/Editor)

The End of The Affair – HBO First Look (Editor)

The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc – HBO First Look (Editor)

Concert On The Creek (Dawson’s Creek Special) Sony Pictures Television (Editor)

Shrek (Pre-Awareness Reel) Dreamworks (Editor)

1999 and prior:

Eagle Eyes, Miracle Fryer, Red Devil Grill, Larry North Great American Slim Down, Thingamabob Mop (Infomercials) Quantum/E4L (Editor)

A Walk In The Park (independent film) Ghost of Her Walks Productions (Dialog Editor)

C2K (Pilot Episode) Universal Pictures – USA Network (Editor)

From The Hip (Pilot Episode) Universal Pictures – USA Network (Editor)

NFL Pro Bowl Sports Center – ESPN (Editor)

Hawaiian Sports Adventure (Series) Team Unlimited (ESPN) (Editor)

H30-TV (Series) SOOP Productions (Prime Ticket / ESPN)(Director/Editor/Camera)

KFVE / K-5 UPN Hawaii (Director/Producer)

The Hawaii Holocaust Project (Assistant Director/Principal Photography)